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 that also keep silence not mention..

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PostSubject: that also keep silence not mention..   that also keep silence not mention.. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 10:14 pm

tk supras Finally, summarized, the ChenBaiCheng jot down started riots and the damage of the text will be an than all the expected, is only personnel, text will be an forty percent will wreck a Mafia, in the North-East of the prestige to affect greatly. Fortunately, chaos, text will be an also become more unity, through the together fought together and share life and death, and grassland Wolf also has the clan.Thank text east was keen to stay in the northeast, treatment within the community and a series of problems, but, but not to his political time. To the east of the phone one by one the call, urging him back to Beijing, thank the text east dragged several times, the east is no longer easy, and call for the YuanHua.
Supras Bandit Mid Shoes To YuanHua the fair minister, thank the text east can not be like that of the Oriental easy, dealing with settles, there is no way, leaving only to Beijing.And he went on, and RenChangFeng, see, YuanTianZhong and five lines of brothers. RenChangFeng and YuanTianZhong by the northeast, presently, two things have not again, all the necessary to go back to nanjing, and east thray rendezvous.Of course, two of them is to say so, but the mouth to Beijing after, but there is no going back to the nanjing mean, that also keep silence not mention.Thank text east arrived in Beijing on the day that the political department was immediately please to headquarters, and YuanHua meeting.
poele supra RenChangFeng etc to go though, but their identity into less than internal, can be in only the first floor hall, but the area to wait for all to see, west see, pour also doesn't feel lonely.See YuanHua didn't, thank the text east face is laughing, sophisticated said, "yun, really sorry, northeast of things, now just come out with, you don't mind!"See GuaiCai blame! But he come up to say, YuanHua is bad also to say more, make a ha ha, fatal several, edge cut down to business said: "text east, I need you here at once, the capital of luanda, Angola to Angola's mpla (and on the movement of the organization as a temporary government) debating bank matters."
Unisex Supra High Top Shoes Thank text east doubt way: "recently to?"Well!" YuanHua nodded and said: "the recent AnMeng attack more fierce, mpla much of the damage, the regime at risk, be badly in need of aid money, so the central there as soon as possible, to address this, reverse the situation in Angola, otherwise, now once AnMeng regime have on our loss is too big, not only lost the strategic, even our country in Angola invest in the construction of the factory, the refinery will all disappear.""Oh!"Thank text east wry smile way: "but, I to where the environment is not a familiar, even to the side, and can do what matter?""This you need not worry." YuanHua said: "we have and the mpla leaders was greeting, and they send you to the other side of the joint.
Buy Supras You, at the same time, the bank was founded in secret to the mpla provide the funds."Thank text east eyes turn around, both hands a booth, said: "money? I first stated, my pocket is no money."YuanHua laughed and said: "money, is not you dip into your pocket, the country will be out of the money, you go, you will put money in the bank of east Asia, as for how do you get to Angola, that is your thing."Thank text east body move forwards the agent, small voice asked, "probably how many money?"YuanHua subconscious to left, stretch out two fingers to look at. Thank text east guess way: "two hundred million?""Well! $two hundred million." YuanHua nodded.
Discount Supras Thank text east smiled, shook his head in a way: "the money to me, the country is not afraid I roll the money and ran away?" He said so of course just kidding, $two hundred million is a lot of, but still not on the eye. Thank the text east YuanHua say with smile: "run got monk run no temple. You can run, but you can put your bank, text will be an, north door removed all hong run?"Thank text east smell speech back and laugh, but she immediately added a turn, said: "rightness, China should have embassy in Angola?! You door direct give money to the embassy, let them pass to the mpla well, why let me away so trouble?"
Discount Supra YuanHua say with smile: "let your text east and north flood gate will continue to survive, the prize is large enough?"Thank text east in the in the mind keep covered but face but still hang laughing, smiling and nodding, even with a hate-figure mock said, "yes! So reward is really too big!"YuanHua stood up and around the desk, came to thank the text east near, tapped him on the shoulder, low voice say: "text east, money is a good thing, you can need not give them at well, if you're good at using, and establish good relationships, including or mpla profitably."Was a high risk of task was he so say, but became fine plum.
Supra Skytop Shoes Thank text east secretly shook his head, positive color way: "there is in war, the time all have dangerous life, I won't take brothers to adventure, so, I here need to countries to provide hands.""Well!" YuanHua nod a way: "that I have for you think about." With that, he picked up from my desk in a thick stack to thank the text east files, before a pass, said: "these people, let you choose, to pull, will listen to the security of your seconded."Thank text east took over, looked down, file clamp, writing on the 'secret' two characters. He then asked: "these people are agents or special forces?"YuanHuaDao: "are not.""Death is."
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that also keep silence not mention..
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