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 The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins.....

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The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins..... Empty
PostSubject: The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins.....   The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins..... Icon_minitimeMon May 16, 2011 1:33 pm

Ancient people, 100 years, ghd hair all degrees in spring and autumn time." and action On YeFanGe in huangdi neijing, for the meal asked article contained in ancient times carefree and longing.About in ancient time, there is no detailed and accurate written records, for it was present for a full of endless fog scatter the puranas, it is writed by 443479661 on 5.16 let a person infinite. Breeze blew move, courts in several strains wutong swaying gently, exuberant branches and leaves out "rustling sound, pure and fresh air is blown head on the window. YeFan is like watching "search miraculousness" kind of books, bubble up a light green tea, he began to continue leafs through his of ancient books. "All men are living to be over 100 years old can be, and action and no signs of aging. In ancient time, how is this period of mysterious puranas..." For grain asked article ancients contained years problem, as modern won't believe it. His natural His curious just the ancients for the "old" era in many ancient books of why commends mentioned, there seems to be a period of fog shrouded endless ancient civilization disappeared into the history.
Don't really exist a closed puranas? After briefly, he continued to read far. Huangdi is a rarity in the ancient writing level, ghd hair straighteners for thousands of years, one of the three ancient China encyclopedia of writing, though not all believe, but say overall extremely valuable value. "DiQie heaven and earth, and grasp the essence of Yin and Yang, breathing, independent, muscle obey god, so if one has no life we end, heaven and earth, this its the tao gave birth to." Grain asked article mentioned many times, have insight antediluvian world changes, refining essence, can raise the immortal, modern myths impossible to believe. Unconsciously red sunset fell gradually west, the lawn outside the window, will be caught with platanus acerifolia infected with a faint glow.
YeFan drop in huangdi neijing, ready to attend an important classmate party. Leave the university campus already three years after graduation, YeFan left the city, in reviewing the past, simple and pure student age is gone forever. Three years say long not long say short not short, former classmate had live far apart, everyone has their own different careers.
Sweet cell phone rings ghd hair straightener interrupted his thoughts that are classmates LinJia call a very smart and beautiful woman, after graduation to an adjacent cities, with great means a year ago has promoted the department manager. Just press the answer key heard LinJia badinage when it in college, she showed excellent communication skills, very easy and people close relationship. "How to me?" YeFan relaxed counterattack. There came a musical hit laughter, way: "I am not very clear gathering place for a while, go with us." After each appointment YeFan drove out of place. In college he courted a LinJia, but was told that they don't fit a euphemism together. LinJia is a very beautiful and moving woman, and her shrewd and reason more than her beauty, she clearly know what we need, this how to do, it's very real.The time from meet in ten minutes before YeFan paking store, find a parking space, then get off came to the roadside LinJia. Wait
The whole city in all bathed in the afterglow of sunset, many buildings are covered with a layer on weak aureate glorious, road traffic flow, a steady stream of people.
Eight minutes later a Toyota car at the side, revealing a beautiful and delicate face, LinJia opened the car door came along.
YeFanYing over, hair straighteners ghd say with smile: "is there for transportation ah." "Little sarcasm I, I can not limousine driver, that is our class the classmate LiuYunZhi." Graduation for three years, but only have contact though met two years ago, LinJia as past youth beautiful, dressed casually, tight jeans match an purple t-shirts, slender body and gentle will outline curve ups and downs, the more graceful. "Not seen in more than two years, okay?" LinJia black hair shoulder-length submissive, light can jian, she had a pair of phoenix eye, in long eyelashes ummanned slightly nose-up more naturally inclined to fly one share special charm, enchanting and moving. "Ok." YeFanXiao smiled and fun way: "LinJia you such a born beauty not to show ourselves." I'm really sorry development "Owe play?" LinJiaXiao very moving, the phoenix eye inclined, lips, and light-wave circulation glanced, very is also very sexy charm.
At this moment, parked Toyota window came down, and driving position show a familiar face, it is LiuYunZhi former classmates. He and YeFan general, after graduation stay in the city. Thanks to a some background, the relatives of muguet opened a scale is not large companies, in between be had a classmate of success. Although in a city with, but he was almost YeFan no connection, with main is a conflict causes during college. LiuYunZhi didn't get off, faint smile, saying: "not seen for a long time." "Yeah. Had time we come out get together sometime." See the other car, even without YeFan also only insipid dozen hello. "Take a taxi come over?" For this kind of natural and uncover YeFan lazy and the contempt, the dispute, optional cope with a sound. LinJia is a pretty shrewd and pleasant woman, nature can feel the atmosphere, YeFan sight to say with smile: "this time come to stay, hastily the city's several old classmate all dozen telephone, we sit go LiuYunZhi car."
YeFan hasn't said what, ghd flat irons LiuYunZhi has slightly apology speak first, way: "is really embarrassed, has two other appointment ahead of old classmate, just in the front seat of intersections, that's not enough." like "It doesn't matter, you go first and I will arrive later." YeFan finish turned to LinJia say with smile: "and walk with me, or......" When LinJia LiuYunZhi slightly hesitate to press a way: "Linda beauty or by my car go first, otherwise I am afraid will be a person with saliva drowned." On the roadside station a few minutes, to LinJia YeFan expressed some regret, LiuYunZhi prodded in finally sits at the Toyota. Windows YeFan faint at the moment of rising between LiuYunZhi that heard the whispers of a slightly disdain, "now is the time to wait peak work taxi just strange!" And then, that Toyota will JueChenErQu. Former YeFan in the university campus, also be a hero, today is thought to take a taxi, compared with LiuYunZhi natural appear some sorehead. For LiuYunZhi this person, he directly overlooked is LinJia performance let him some accident. However, everyone has their own attitude, after all, life in reality, natural inevitably have utility, self-esteem, vanity, etc, YeFan pour also not how disgusted.
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The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins.....
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